Chef Josh Dorcak creates menus as a way to share his inspirations with others. He is constantly taking in the world around him, eager to find something special to bring back to the kitchen. This natural curiosity lends itself to experimentation, but his thoughtfulness ensures what he puts on a plate is polished and delicious. Despite over 14 years of cooking experience, Josh is constantly looking for ways to improve his abilities and delight his customers.
Josh grew up in the Bay Area in California, raised in a household that was all about food. After high school, Josh attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. At the same time, he started working in restaurants, building his way up the ranks. While working with Mark Lusardi and Jonathan Luce in Oakland, California he was exposed to what using top quality seafood and produce was all about. He also spent time with Josiah Citrine at Melisse, a two Michelin-starred restaurant in Santa Monica. From there, Josh worked with Kevin Binkley at his flagship restaurant Binkley’s in Cave Creek, Arizona learning a contemporary approach to cooking. Josh finally landed in Ashland, Oregon as the Chef de Cuisine at Amuse Restaurant with Erik Brown, where he has spent a number of years elevating the menu and influencing the staff.
Outside of the kitchen, Josh spends his time with his son Caswell, discovering wild local foods, and developing relationships with small farms.